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Slip Cover Ink Cans


Printing Ink, grease, wax, ointments, candles, powders, small parts,

promotional items, and others and semi-solid products.  Packaging,

samples, and retain purposes.

Special Features

  • 12 oz to 10 lb. Industrial 3-piece welded style cans have a beveled

       edge making them stack-able.

  • Seamless style cans range from 1/2 oz. to 20 oz.​

  • Seamless cans have paper label option on lid for identification purposes.

  • Cans are 100% recyclable.

Sizes & Specifications


Welded 3-Piece Style Cans

Seamless Label

See this page for an explanation of can size terminology.

Product Options



  • Standard in carton packs

  • Cans from 12 oz and up available with custom lithography designs

  • Paper label available on lid for seamless cans

Slip Cove Ink Cans
Seamless Label
Welded 3-Piece Style Cans

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