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Steel Tight Head Pails


Chemicals, lubricants, coatings, solvents, adhesives, roofing mastics, driveway

sealers, fragrances, fuels, hazardous materials, viscous products and other


Special Features

  • Variety of gauges, fittings & exterior coatings in standard colors available

  • UN-certified for liquid products

  • Drum fittings and D-handles can be installed

  • Steel tighthead pails contain 25-percent post-consumer recycled content and are 100-percent recyclable

Sizes & Specifications

Product Options

Pail Gauges

28, 26, and 24 ga.


Rieke, 2-1/8 Screw Cap, ¾” and 2” Drum Plugs

Interior Pail Linings

Phenolic and epoxy phenolic linings and rust inhibitor are available.

UN Ratings

 Available in liquids ratings. Please Contact Fox Valley Containers for specific information.

Exterior Colors and Decorating

Black and Gray are stock.  Custom colors and lithography available as special order.


Bulk pallets

Request a Quote

For your custom quote, please fill out the form below or call (847)836-2203 to speak with our friendly staff today!  If you submit your request with the form below, someone from our team will be in contact within 24 business hours.

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